If you just want a job, we don’t want to talk to you

If you want to do awesome mobile work, with amazing clients, on cutting edge technology that transforms industries … please continue reading

At Engage Mobile, we are a different kind of company – from the way we approach the marketplace to the way we deal with our people.  We have fun.  We have lives outside of work (most of us have families and like to spend quality time with them every night).  We work hard and love every minute of it. If you are looking to work in a high-rise building in your own little cube, working on the same bit of functionality for the next three months…we are not for you. If you want to be part of a talented team, work with clients ranging from startups to billion-dollar organizations, in industries ranging from health care to transportation to oil and gas to sports, in nearly every type of mobile technology…Engage Mobile may be for you.

We are centrally located in the River Market in the heart of downtown Kansas City.  We are rapidly growing with clients around the country and teams around the world.  Our focus is not on building mobile products, but on transforming industries – mobile just happens to be one of the primary tools we use. We are small…so we have to be picky. Every new employee has an impact on our culture.  We don’t need another cog in our machine, we need the most creative and talented people in the country to help us deliver the most innovative mobile products on the planet to our clients. If you think this might be you, you can reach us at [email protected].