Engage Mobile works with large enterprise clients all over the country to help them increase revenue and decrease costs. We do this by working with our clients to develop custom enterprise software solutions. These systems normally streamline internal operations, integrate with backed databases and provide access on both desktop and mobile devices.

Enterprise software is complex. Enterprise software normally involves the integration of diverse legacy systems, various platforms and multiple databases.

Why is Engage Mobile uniquely qualified to develop your enterprise custom software or enterprise mobile development project? It comes down to one word: Experience.

Engage Mobile has worked with dozens of companies across the country to help them increase revenue, decrease costs and mitigate risks. We have created solutions for some of the most innovative companies in the country. It is this experience that makes Engage Mobile truly unique.

Why Choose Engage Mobile for Your

Enterprise Custom Software Project?


1 – Focus on business results – We don’t just build software – we drive your business.

We are experienced business professionals who use mobile technology to help our clients drive their bottom line. We have worked with companies from start-ups to billion-dollar organizations but our focus is always the same – to increase the profitability of our clients by increasing revenue or decreasing costs.


2 – Obsession with functionality and simplicity

Once we understand your goals, we don’t start designing and developing – we start thinking. We think about how to achieve your goals in the most efficient manner using the best workflow – and then we simplify. When we are done, we simplify some more. The bottom line is that simple is hard – and we are great at making things simple for the user.


3 – Deep experience in mobile business and mobile strategies

Our team started working with mobile strategy, mobile development and mobile deployment in 2000 – seven years before the first Apple iOS iPhone and eight years before the first Google Android smartphone was introduced. Our founder was responsible for launching the initial mobile strategy and mobile development at a billion-dollar medical software company in the early 2000s. Our team has been on the leading edge of mobile for over a decade – always with the goal of translating mobile technology to a business competitive advantage for our clients.


4 – The Engage Mobile Delivery Engine

At Engage Mobile we have some of the best mobile development and mobile app development teams in the world – our iOS app developers and Android app developers are second to none. One factor for our success is that we approach the entire process of mobile app development differently than other companies – we have developed a comprehensive and proprietary delivery engine that utilizes lean development principles, provides complete transparency to our clients and allows tremendous flexibility. In addition, we have fantastic development talent that can handle your needs – regardless of size or complexity. Everything is managed out of our world headquarters in Kansas City, MO – we are here to support whatever you need.


5 – Global Experience with a Midwest / Kansas City Mobile Attitude

At Engage Mobile, we have a unique blend of international experience and Kansas City / Midwest attitude that helps us leverage mobile strategy, mobile development and mobile deployment to drive your business. What do we mean by global experience? Individuals on our team have worked with companies all over the world including Ferrari, Cerner, Garmin, Diageo, Crown Royal, NASCAR and hundreds of other national and international brands. What do we mean by ‘Midwest attitude’? We mean we work very hard, are honest, nice and as smart as any team you will work with in the country.

Sample Engage Mobile Enterprise Industry:


Manufacturers have unique management challenges. From staffing to raw materials to scheduling to distribution, manufacturing organizations are challenged every day to deliver more with less. Engage Mobile works with manufacturers to help them increase control, streamline operations and cut costs through the effective implementation of custom software solutions.

Examples of our Manufacturing Clients

The United States National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) is part of the United States Department of Energy. It works to improve national security through the military application of nuclear energy. The NNSA maintains and improves the safety, reliability, and performance of the United States nuclear weapons stockpile through the use of science, technology, and engineering.

Vanguard Packaging is one of the largest manufacturers of point-of-purchase displays, signage, retail packaging and corrugated boxes in the world. Vanguard specializes in the creation of high-quality products through the use of sustainable business practices, and has become recognized as the most sustainable packaging company in North America.

Sample Engage Mobile Enterprise Industry:

Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and logistics companies are always looking to leverage technology to give them a competitive advantage. Engage Mobile has worked with several companies to help them implement technology to increase profitability by cutting costs and streamlining operations.

Examples of our Transportation and Logistics Clients

Kansas City Southern is an international transportation company providing shippers with competitive and reliable transportation solutions to and from burgeoning markets throughout North America.

RedStone Logistics is a unique, third-party logistics company, specializing in Logistics Management Services. RedStone Logistics serves the full spectrum of the transportation element supply chain: small package, less-than-truckload, truckload, expedited shipments, even air shipments.

Sample Engage Mobile Enterprise Industry:

Field Management

Field management companies are a natural fit to leverage mobile technologies because of their remote workforce. Mobile devices combined with wireless technology provides the opportunity to both collect field data in real-time and allow a remote workforce to access data from the cloud. Check out the Field Mobility section of the Engage Mobile site to see how we have helped field management and field mobility companies across the country.

Examples of our Field Management Clients

There are between 200,000 and 300,000 snow removal companies in the US and CrewTracker is the primary software supplier to these snow removal companies.

CRES Management, LLC (CRES) and its affiliated companies are well-known and respected leaders in the real estate industry, with expertise in acquisition, development, renovation, condominium conversion and management of multi-family properties throughout the country.

At Engage Mobile we have one goal – to make our clients successful. Contact us to find out how we can help your company achieve its goals.