Engage Mobile focuses on the health, healthcare, animal health, and life sciences markets in order to provide our clients expertise and solutions that are the result of our commitment and concentration on health companies.

Engage Mobile Health and Healthcare Segments

We develop custom health software and mobile apps that move health and patient care into the real world in order to make an impact.


Our experience across the continuum of care uniquely position us to handle the toughest healthcare software and mobile challenges.

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Our position in the hub of the Animal Health Corridor enables us to stay up-to-date on the newest trends in the animal health industry.


We can help increase profitability by streamlining processes and empowering sales teams and consumers.


Why choose Engage Mobile for your health-related software or mobile project?


The world of health and healthcare is very complex and gets more complex every year. Health companies face unique challenges – government regulation and compliance issues exist throughout the industry because the stakes are so high for patients – in many cases, it is a matter of life and death. Why is Engage Mobile uniquely qualified to develop your health-focused custom software or mobile development project? It comes down to one word: Experience. The Engage Mobile team is filled with health industry veterans that have created and deployed dozens of complex enterprise health software solutions. Our team has worked all over the world with some of the largest healthcare clients on the planet. We have also created solutions for some of the most innovative health-related companies in the country. It is this experience that makes Engage Mobile truly unique.


Why choose Engage Mobile for your health-related software or mobile project?


1.The Engage Mobile Team Our team comes from some of the top healthcare software companies in the country and we have developed health-related solutions for large and small health companies from coast to coast.

2. Technology Experience Users today expect to have a seamless experience whether they are working on a desktop, tablet, smartphone or wearable. At Engage Mobile we have expertise developing custom enterprise software, integration with legacy systems, native and hybrid mobile app technology and health-related responsive websites in order to provide an experience that is engaging and intuitive.

3. Health Data Security As recent hacks show, keeping a health organization safe from security threats is critically important. Healthcare organizations are particularly vulnerable to attacks because many times they house personal health data, intellectual property and payment information – all of which are lucrative targets for hackers. Within healthcare, 46% of all breaches occur via theft or loss, insider abuse causes 15% of incidents, and point-of-sale ihacks generate 9% of data breach events. Compared to other vertical markets, healthcare had the highest percentage of incidents from theft or loss. It takes a combination of security experience and health data expertise to secure health-related data from hackers.

4. Healthcare Compliance Experience Nearly every health or medical organization faces some type of healthcare compliance issue. While we are not experts in all areas of compliance, Engage Mobile and our team have experience in many areas, due to the fact that we focus on the health and healthcare markets.

5. HIPAA Experience HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) is just one of many health-related data privacy and security mandates implemented to safeguard medical information. The difficulty is that HIPAA requires vigilance to achieve compliance and has some of the stiffest penalties for failure to comply. When dealing HIPAA issues, it is important to choose a partner with experience in HIPAA compliance.


At Engage Mobile we have one goal – to make our clients successful. Contact us to find out how our unique health-focused experience can help you achieve your goals.

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