Engage Mobile has an ongoing relationship with almost all of our clients where we help them continuously improve their software and mobile apps to better meet the needs of their end users – We call this our Measure, Optimize and Support (MOS) Plan.

The Engage Mobile Measure, Optimize and Support (MOS) Plan

At Engage Mobile we help our clients solve real business issues. A fact of custom software and custom mobile application development is that the initial release of the software or app is just the beginning. The key to long-term success is to continuously measure how users are interacting with the software and then optimize the workflow and user experience in order to improve results. Software is never perfect when it is released – it takes iteration based upon real user feedback to achieve excellence.

Engage Mobile has a long-term relationship with almost all of our clients – we become a true technology partner helping our clients leverage custom software and mobile app technology to drive their organizations. We help our clients achieve excellence over the long-term with our Measure, Optimize and Support plan.

Key elements of Engage Mobile’s Measure, Optimize and Support plan include:

Engage Mobile Performance Improvment - MOSMeasure
The first step of Engage Mobile’s MOS plan is Measure. Having the right analytics tools configured properly is important (and not easy) but before you start measuring results, clients must define the goals and success metrics of the software. It is critical to define these success metrics up front – if you do not know the goals up front than you will not know what success looks like.

If we work with our client during the Strategic Software Blueprint process we clearly define the success metrics as part of the blueprint. If we did not go through the Strategic Software Blueprint before we develop our clients’ software or mobile apps we go through a process to define success metrics as the first step of the MOS plan.

Collecting data and not acting on that data is a wasted effort. The purpose of the Optimize phase is to develop and execute a plan for continuous improvement that is data-driven. The important thing to remember is that optimization is not a one-time event. After each round of optimization changes it is important to measure the results. Each round of new measurements is followed by a round of optimization changes. This process results in software that is continuously improving.

While Measure and Optimize are focused on proactive improvements of the process, Support (sometime called Support and Maintenance) is the Engage Mobile process that makes sure that our clients have access to the Engage team to fix any issues that arise during any given month.

The End Result = Software That Works and is Continuously Improving


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