We Help You Develop a Mobile Strategy to Drive Your Business

Building a mobile app or mobile software without a mobile strategy is the equivalent of going on vacation with your family in a car, but not knowing where you are going to go before you leave. You are going to end up somewhere, but you might not like it.

Mobile strategy serves as a road-map for the business model, mobile development, mobile deployment and mobile marketing of your business’ mobile solutions. A clear understanding of business problems and customer needs is what enables the strategic application of technology. The best mobile solutions are fully integrated into all facets of the business from sales and marketing to production and operations. To be successful, mobile solutions require the integration of technology with the business model to create a compelling user experience.

From our standpoint, mobile technology must achieve one of three goals:

Increase Revenue

Mobile technology can drive revenue by allowing companies to reach new customers in new places, increasing conversion rates, mobilizing the sales team, reducing sales costs or reducing friction in the sales process.

Decrease Expense

Many times mobile technology can allow companies to decrease expenses by making their people more efficient and productive, or by eliminating the need to manipulate data more than once. For example, data collection in the field can provide significant operational benefits throughout the organization.

Manage Risk

There are times when investments are required to manage risks within the organization without a direct Return on Investment (ROI). Just a few examples we’ve seen include regulatory compliance, information security, safety of customers or employees, and/or enabling field workers with information to manage high-risk situations.

The mistakes many companies make is starting with app development and then determining everything else once development is started. Its important to develop an overall mobile strategy before starting the app development process because it not only saves time and money, but it significantly increases the likelihood of success.

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