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Introducing the next generation of Sudoku: Vexagon!

In Vexagon, there are 7 “flowers” with each flower consisting of 7 hexagons. Each of these flowers must contain the numbers 1 through 7. In addition, there are 4 columns and 8 diagonals that must also contain the numbers 1 through 7.

In Vexagon, there are up to 12 difficulty levels, ranging from Easy to Diabolical. Similar puzzle difficulties are grouped together so that the user can easily choose their challenge level.

Vexagon includes 61 puzzles and there are additional Puzzle Packs for purchase. As new Puzzle Packs are added online, the app automatically updates the list of available Vexagon Puzzle Packs for the user.

Business Impact

Revenue from purchases and just a fun game to play.


Vexagon is designed for iOS devices including iPhone and iPad

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