Apple and Google Announce iTunes App Store and Google Play App Store Merger

Apple and Google Announce iTunes App Store and Google Play App Store Merger

Goopple PartnershipApple, Inc. and Google, Inc. announced today that they have reached an agreement to combine their individual app stores into a mega-app store that will allow users to download all apps for both devices in one location. The new store, called the “Goopple App Store” ( will replace the Apple iTunes Store and the Google Play Store effective April 1st, 2015.

According to Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, “This is a glorious day for the smartphone industry. Our users can go to a single location to download apps for both devices. No longer will users be slaves to the Apple ecosystem. This provides real choice for users.”

According to insiders, the late Steve Jobs was working closely with Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page to create the “Goopple App Store” but the deal fell through due to Mr. Jobs’ illness. According to Mr. Brin, “Steve really liked the design of the Android operating system and was always looking for a ways to work with us to get the Android experience on apple devices. I am thrilled that we were finally able to achieve’s Steve’s vision with the Goopple App store.

Apple and Google engineers were unable to work out the technical issues of combining the two app stores and turned to Engage Mobile ( for help. The Engage Mobile team was able to work through the issues and finalize the project on-time and on-schedule.

Mr. Brin hinted at a future Goopple Operating System which will combine the iOS and Android operating systems into a single operating system. Code named SROIG, the new operating system will be designed by engineers at Google and Engage Mobile and will feature a single “search” button on the home screen.

In a surprise announcement that took place too late to get details for this story, Microsoft, Blackberry, Nokia and the United States Post Office (USPS) announced a similar venture that would allows the 1,426 users still using their platforms to seamlessly share data. The new service would require users of each device to print out the relevant material, mail the “packets” via 1st Class USPS service and 73% of the packets would arrive within 5-7 days. According to Microsoft, “The new service would not require the recipient of the packets to print out anything since they will arrive via the USPS already printed.”

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