At Engage Mobile, supporting our client’s vision and key initiatives is really the backbone of what we do, and we believe that open communication, transparency and integrity are the keys to successful collaboration and partnerships.

The solutions that we build for our clients are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, which means that each project we engage begins with a white canvas. Here are just a few examples of our recent collaborations with clients:

Favorite Healthcare

Favorite Healthcare Staffing, Inc. is one of the nation’s most sophisticated Joint Commission certified healthcare staffing companies, offering nursing and allied professionals a full range of per diem, travel, and local contract assignments.

The Challenge:

Favorite Healthcare was using an outdated paper form system for their nurses to manage their timesheets and shift schedules. The company was spending a lot of time and money manually processing the payroll for thousands of temporary healthcare workers, and Favorite came to us to find a digital solution.

The Solution:

Engage Mobile built a solution that allows Favorite’s nurses to gain visibility to schedules/shifts, set preferences, complete timesheets, capture on-site signatures, and submit their timesheets through the app for a fully automated process. The solution was offline-enabled to handle low connectivity in hospitals, fully integrated with proprietary backend systems built by Favorite, and featured an intuitive design and workflow which meant that the 3000+ nurses didn’t need to be trained on the new process. The application also integrated specific features and functionality into the first series Apple Watch interface for increased access and visibility to schedules and push notifications.

Integrity Locating Services (ILS)

TruLink Mobile is a SaaS software platform focused on providing public utility locating, private utility locating and GPS utility mapping services to its customers across the country.

The Challenge:

ILS wanted to find a way to more effectively manage their remote field workforce. Each of their field workers had several jobs to complete, all in various locations throughout the country. ILS wanted to leverage up-to-date mobile  technology in order to make their field workers more efficient and effective at scheduling, managing, and completing their tasks.

The Solution:

ILS and Engage Mobile built TruLink, a mobile application which uses a vehicle-mounted tablet to display jobs and tasks. The app helps workers optimize their routes and establish an order and prioritize tasks throughout their day as calls are fielded and assigned in real time. For quality control, the app also allows them to upload pictures as photo evidence that a particular job was completed appropriately and on time. With the business scaling quickly, Engage Mobile leveraged serverless cloud architecture that automatically scales with the needs of the business so ILS can keep their people focused on the task at hand. By connecting to workers’ smartphones and tablets, as well as the tablet and storing data in the cloud, updates are synchronized throughout all devices across the country to their headquarters in Kansas City.

Children’s Mercy Hospital

Children’s Mercy Hospital is one of the leading children’s hospitals in the U.S. and based in Kansas City, Missouri. They serve over a half a million patient visits a year and more than a thousand healthcare professionals and clinicians caring for children in this this region a year.

The Challenge:
Children’s Mercy needed a mobile solution that would allow patients and their families to have one central location to access information about services provided, locations and enhance the overall experience with the Children’s Mercy brand. They also required a solution that could route patients and their families from there front door to the nearest venue of care based on the encounter type and assist with indoor navigation at the primary hospital, located in downtown Kansas City.

The Solution:

A native, iOS and Android application that incorporates CMH-specific content that ties web, marketing and clinical content into one application for ease of access for their patient population and communities they serve. Additionally, with the use of beacon technology for wayfinding and indoor navigation, the app navigates patients through the hospital alleviating the anxiety of getting lost in their hospital. The app also provides locations for Urgent Care services, gives users visibility to current wait times and the ability to “Save My Spot”.


Airshare is a fractional ownership private jet management company based in Lenexa, KS. Airshare offers the industries only days-based program in private aviation, enabling their customers to choose where to fly, when to take off, and the duration of their trip.

The Challenge:

Airshare approached Engage Mobile to build a mobile application for their owners, with the vision of providing a tool to assist in the booking and management of their ever-changing travel needs and preferences, and wanted to significantly enhance the overall experience of their users when engaging with their organization.

The Solution:

After analyzing their users use of mobile devices, the initial design and development effort focused on a native iOS mobile app for their owners and users. The app provides the owners the ability to change plans on the go and alter travel preferences based on passengers needs or desires – things like catering, ground transportation, etc.  For the next year, of the project we continued executing on a strategic roadmap that added new marketing content, ability to share an account across multiple users, push notifications regarding upcoming flights and a real-time survey giving the ability for the owners to rate their experience. To reach the non-Apple users, we quickly developed a responsive web app that gave access to all existing feature and functionality in the app to non-iOS users, as well as accessibility to the app via a desktop for supporting, administrative staff of owners.

Pathfinder Health Innovations (PHI)

Pathfinder Health Innovations is a healthcare IT vendor, specialized in providing a comprehensive, web-based software platform that supports ABA therapy. Pathfinder, the product, supports ABA therapy implementation, SLP, PT, OT, and Special Education therapy. Clinic and practice owners, BCBAs, therapists, and educators use Pathfinder to help make their practices more efficient and lucrative.

The Challenge:
PHI came to Engage Mobile looking for technical guidance and an updated strategy to the design and development of their flagship product, Pathfinder.  The product was in need of a more streamlined user interface and a full-stack overhaul that would increase adoption and performance.

The Solution: 

The Engage Mobile team worked with PHI to understand their short and long-term strategic goals to ensure they aligned with the product strategy. We conducted in-depth interviews with stakeholders and key clients and shadowed clinical and educational staff in their environments to put the end users needs first.  Within a 60 day period, we built seven different prototypes for data collection to find the right strategic direction for their solution. Based on our findings at the end of a 90 day engagement, we presented the PHI leadership team with technical recommendations, updated user interface, workflows and a clear roadmap and timeline for how to move forward.

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