Engage Mobile and the Future of Cloud Computing – AWS re:Invent 2016

aws_reinvent_2016-jpgFrom November 29 to December 2, 2016, Amazon Web Services (AWS) held its annual re:Invent conference in Las Vegas for about 32,000 users of its cloud computing services.

AWS, a subsidiary of Amazon.com, is an on-demand cloud computing platform that offers a variety of computing services to its clients. The yearly re:Invent conference is an opportunity for AWS to showcase its prominence and make important announcements regarding upcoming innovations and enhancements to the platform.

This year, re:Invent demonstrated AWS’s increasingly clear leadership of the cloud computing market. AWS’s clientele includes such major corporations as Netflix, Airbnb and NASA.

re:Invent 2016

2016 marked the third year of Engage Mobile’s attendance at AWS re:Invent. As part of our continual effort to keep up with cutting-edge cloud technology, we sent two Engage Mobile representatives to this year’s conference.

The 2016 conference was also an opportunity for AWS to unveil upcoming projects and make exciting announcements about the future of the company. This article gives a great rundown of all the announcements made this year, but here are a few of the most exciting:

AWS introduced Amazon Lightsail, a new low-cost method of allowing web developers access to virtual private servers.

Another important announcement was the launch of Amazon Lex, an artificial intelligence technology that utilizes automatic speech recognition and natural language understanding.

Customers will now have access to a new Personal Health Dashboard, which gives each user a personalized view of how well their AWS services are performing.

Amazon Pinpoint, a mobile analytics service which allows web developers to understand and collect data on the performance of their mobile apps, will become available on Android and iOS.

AWS is one of Engage Mobile’s primary cloud compaws_standard-consulting-partner_darkuting partners.

Engage Mobile, an Amazon-certified leader in cloud computing services, attends re:Invent every year to experience the latest and greatest the cloud computing market has to offer. Here at Engage Mobile we recognize the enormous potential of cloud computing for the future of the technology industry (check out our blog post on cloud computing here).

Cloud hosting solutions like those offered by AWS give innovative web developers a competitive advantage over companies using traditional hosting methods. Engage Mobile is on the cutting edge of cloud computing, which enables our clients to achieve competitive dominance in their markets.


For more information about re:Invent or Engage Mobile’s cloud computing services, feel free to contact us or visit Engage Mobile Cloud Solutions.

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