Engage Mobile heads to HIMSS18!

Engage Mobile heads to HIMSS18!

It’s that time again – the HCIT community comes together at the HIMSS Annual Conference. For me, it’s an exciting, daunting and fun time all at once. Here’s why:

It’s Exciting!

This year, I’m particularly excited for two main reasons:

#1 – Our client, Children’s Mercy Hospital, will be presenting on a project that we have had the privilege of collaborating on for the last couple years. They are showing some of the incredible impacts to improved patient outcomes while using mobile technology at the bedside.

#2 – To see & hear how the “patient experience” is progressing in this engagement movement.  As an industry, we’re scratching the surface of removing friction for the patient throughout the health care delivery process. We’re learning that it’s about the emotional impact we’re having on patients and how a patient feels about his/her care: the process, the tools and their providers and care team. Technology will drive better experiences for our patient populations and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s new in this space at HIMSS18.

It’s Daunting.

The year is just coming together with new projects and clients, so leaving that behind to attend an ever-growing trade show is a lot to take in. At the show, there are more sessions and events to attend. More people to meet and new innovations to see. With over 40,000 attendees and 300+ education sessions – it’s going to be a jam-packed week, all while the work back home piles up.

It’s Fun!

It’s an annual reunion of sorts. The HCIT community (especially in Kansas City) is a small, tight-knit group and we’ve all had the chance to work together in some way, form or fashion over the years. It usually starts in the security lines, amplifies once you get to your gate and ultimately leads to sharing peanuts and a drink with an old buddy on the plane.

I’ll report back later this week to let you know how it went, stay tuned….

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