Engage Mobile is Hiring – Solution Architect / Software Architect

Career opportunities at Engage MobileEngage Mobile continues to grow and do terrific work for our clients. We are working with new clients from coast to coast and are looking for two new brilliant, creative and hard-working members to join our team at our Kansas City world headquarters.

If you know of a great Solution Architect / Software Architect we would love to talk to them.

Please note that we are not your ordinary technology company – we approach the world of mobile and technology very differently than other companies.  We have a relentless focus on helping our clients leverage technology to drive their organizations and have no tolerance or time for internal politics or bickering. We work really hard but have a lot of fun.

Role Summary:

The Solution Architect / Software Architect merges the responsibilities of an Enterprise Architect, Software Architect, and Software Engineer to deliver innovative backend technology solutions to clients across a variety of industries using a diverse group of local, national and international teams.

Responsibilities will involve everything from researching, designing and implementing custom cloud-based microservice architecture solutions to improving existing client solutions using a traditional n-tier environment.

Engage Mobile provides technology agnostic custom development and applicants must have a wide breadth of technology experience and an ability to learn new technology with minimal ramp up time. This position is a tremendous responsibility with excellent learning and growth opportunity.

If you want to know what it is like to work at Engage Mobile, the following video probably gives the best overview:

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