Engage Mobile Presents at KS HIMSS Spring Conference

Adam Meloan, Director of Client Health at Engage Mobile, will present at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) annual Kansas Spring Conference on Thursday, April 6. This is one of the many chapter events that brings together regional groups of healthcare providers to discuss current industry trends and challenges, and provides an opportunity to network with like-minded professionals.

At this year’s Annual Spring Conference, Adam will discuss a few industry trends in mHealth and how healthcare organizations should adapt their IT strategy to incorporate both patient engagement and consumerism into their on-going initiatives.

“According to experts, around half of the world’s population will have a smartphone by the end of 2017,” Adam said. “There’s a huge push right now to leverage mobile technology as a platform to connect patients to their care providers and vice versa – it’s an incredible tool that drives convenience, real-time engagement and ROI for healthcare organizations.”

With the continued segmentation in the market, traditional healthcare providers like hospitals and doctor’s offices are forced to compete with more convenient retail clinics and urgent care facilities.

Engage Mobile Team at HIMSS 2017
“Patients want, and are demanding, a seamless experience…similar to what they would find in retail –
care options that are easy to find, close to their home, have extended hours, etc.” Adam explained.

Hospitals must re-think the populations that they serve, and start thinking in terms of “consumers of care” rather than “patients.”

“I’m really excited to present at the Kansas HIMSS Spring Conference this year,” said Adam. “I think this will be a great opportunity to swap ideas with some of the most prominent healthcare providers in the midwest – there are a lot of really smart folks out there and I always enjoy attending these events and learning from them.”

Adam’s presentation will take place on Thursday, April 6th at 1 pm. For more information on HIMSS, Adam’s presentation, or Engage Mobile’s role in the healthcare industry, please contact us.

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