Engage Mobile Speaks at Rockhurst University for Leadership and Ethics Day

Engage Mobile Speaks at Rockhurst University for Leadership and Ethics Day

Engage Mobile at Rockhurst Leadership and Ethics Day 2014Engage Mobile had the opportunity to speak to Rockhurst University at the Helzberg School of Management’s 3rd Annual Leadership and Ethics Day in Kansas City.

The Helzberg School of Management created the Center for Leadership and Ethics at Rockburst University.  It has a primary focus of improving the quality of life for members of the community through the development of principled leaders. The purpose of the Leadership and Ethics Day was to bring in community and business leaders into classrooms to discuss various leadership and ethical issues.

Matthew Barksdale, the president of Engage Mobile, spoke to undergrads at Rockhurst about some of the high and lows of his 20+ year career of management and entrepreneurship. Barksdale specifically spoke about some of the ethical dilemmas he has faced while working for himself and others.

Some of the highlights:

The importance of people: Nothing… literally nothing .. in business is more important than putting together the right team and empowering them to do the right things – and you can’t do anything to betray the trust of your team.

Slippery slope: Many ethical issues are slippery slope issues – the first decision is not unethical, but if you continue down a path you get into ethical issues – best not to start down the path.

Actions ripple across the lives of others: The decisions of owners and managers do not just impact the company and employees.  Decisions impact the families of employees, the families of suppliers, clients, etc. Every decision that is made has a ripple effect – so don’t make significant actions without considering the ripple effect of the decision.

Dilemma of Personal Relationships vs. Fiduciary Responsibility: As a manager or owner you have a responsibility to the organization and shareholders. There are times when that responsibility is in conflict with what is in the best interest of your team/employees. Sometimes there are no simple answers.

Bottom line is that the world is not black and white – there are many, many shades of gray.

At Engage Mobile we are working to do what is best for our team and our clients – we have assembled and continue to bring in incredibly talented, smart and great people – and this fantastic team focuses on delivering amazing results to our clients.  By focusing on these two groups – our team and our clients – the company will be successful – which makes it even better for our clients and our team.

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