Engage Mobile’s Power of Field Mobility Event – Overview, Tactics and Results

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Engage Mobile Solutions, a custom software and mobile technology company based in Kansas City, hosted an event for business leaders across the Kansas City area on Thursday, July 9, 2015. The company worked with KCnext, an organization that represents Kansas City’s technology industry; and Lathrop and Gage, a national law firm based in Kansas City, to support the event. There was an admission fee to attend the event – a percentage of the proceeds were given as a donation to Habitat for Humanity Kansas City.

The event, called The Power of Field Mobility, was directed at companies that have a workforce that is on the road and works outside of the home office. Industries targeted included construction, sales, real-estate, etc. The event also featured a panel of business leaders from multiple industries.

While the event was only for a few hours, there were well defined and tightly executed plans for before, during and after the event that focused on connecting with decision makers at key target companies.

Pre-Event Tactics:

  • Custom boxed Invitations, hand delivered to top 100 prospects


    • 100 custom boxed travel mugs with Engage Mobile branding were hand delivered to top prospects.
    • In addition to the mug, the invitation included a formal paper invitation and a link to the website for registration.

  • Email campaign


    • Custom email campaign consisting of 5 emails targeted at audience segments with links to event website and event signup.

  • Social Media Campaign


    • Campaign was across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube
    • Targeted at field mobility decision makers
    • Included infographics, images and videos

  • Field Mobility Infographic
    • A field mobility infographic was created to show the impact a field mobility strategy can have on an organization.
    • The infographic was used to promote the event via email and social media.

FM_Infographic_Revised (1)

  • Invitation Micro-Site
    • A micro-site created just for the invitation to the event.
    • Multi-page site included overview, link to panelists profiles and link to registration.
    • http://www.engagemobile.com/event/

During Event Tactics

  • Greeting at hospitality table with Social Media Frames
    • At the greeting and hospitality table, guests picked up their nametags and were invited to pose with the Engage Mobile social media frame. A fun time had by all.
  • Event Video
    • A video was professionally created to kickoff the event and was heavily promoted across social media after the event.
    • The following is the video:
  • Video and Audio
    • A video team and audio team recorded the event in order for Engage Mobile to create post-event videos with highlights from the event.

Post Event Tactics

  • Micro-site created focused on field mobility
    • Micro-site URL: http://www.engagemobile.com/field-mobility-section-home/
    • Micro-site consisted of over 15 pages and included such topics as:
      • What is Field Mobility
      • Where is Field Mobility Being Implemented
      • What to Consider when Implementing Field Mobility Solutions?
      • How to Select a Partner to Help Implement Field Mobility Solutions

Field Mobility Microsite top

Field Mobility microsite 2

  • Follow-up Digital Survey 
    • Survey sent to all attendees.
    • Event was rated as Very Good or Excellent across all categories.  

  • Follow-up email to attendees:
    • Email was sent to all attendees after the even thanking them for their participation in the event.

  • Follow-up email drip campaign to non-attendees:
    • Engage Mobile initiated a five part drip email campaign to those that were not able to attend the event.
    • Drip campaign provided information on the event and how Engage Mobile can help with mobile field mobility needs.

  • Educational Video Series Based Upon the Content of the Event:
    • The event was professionally recorded by videographers.
    • Our editors took the content from the event and created a 3-part educational series that was promoted across all social media.
    • The following are links to each video:

VIDEO PART 1: The Power of Field Mobility: Part 1 – What is Field Mobility and How is it Being Adopted?

VIDEO PART 2: The Power of Field Mobility: Part 2 – How is Field Data being Used in Decision Making?

VIDEO PART 3: The Power of Field Mobility: Part 3 – Off-The-Shelf vs. Custom Solutions

  • Social Media campaign
    • After the event, Engage Mobile started a comprehensive social media campaign across LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
    • Sample Twitter tweet:

    • Sample LinkedIn post:

    • Sample Facebook post:

Impact of the event:

  • Revenue:
    • Engage Mobile closed one six figure account from the event.
    • Engage Mobile is still working three more potential leads that were a direct result of the event.

  • Engagement with our clients and prospects:
    • Field Mobility Micro-Site Visits and Engagement
      • 1,062 Unique Visitors
      • 2,834 Page Views

  • Social Media
    • Over 5,000 impressions

  • Percentage of proceeds from the event donated to Habitat for Humanity Kansas City.

The event was incredibly successful for Engage Mobile – we were thrilled with the results.

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