HIMSS17 – Top 5 Observations from First Day at HIMSS17

HIMSS 2017 BannerI just completed my first full day at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society annual conference 2017 – HIMSS17. Since this is my first time at the event I am going to write three separate posts. Today’s post is on the Top 5 Observations from First Day at HIMSS. I will post on different topic related to HIMSS17 for the next two day.

Top 5 Observations from First Day at HIMSS17

1 – Everyone is still trying to figure it out – Everyone is trying to crack the code
The shift from fee-for-service to value-based care and value-based reimbursement has turned healthcare on its head. When you add to that consumer-focused care and marketing you have a level of change that healthcare has never experienced. Oh… and on top of that technology is continually evolving which provides new opportunities and challenges. Bottom line – everyone is still trying to figure it out.

2 – Everyone is looking for their slice of this $3 trillion market
There are over 1,200 vendors trying to reach 45,000 attendees at HIMSS. There are companies ranging from startups to IBM and Google exhibiting. Healthcare is the US is massive – and everyone wants their slice. The innovation that is taking place is inspiring.

3 – The industry is so fragmented It is impossible to stand out at HIMSS and really expensive to try
Companies spend millions on the annual HIMSS events. Speaking slots can cost over $20k – for one time slot. Even major categories of software – such as Electronic Health Record (EHR) have dozens of competitors… and the market leader has less than 20% market share. In every category – from messaging to cloud storage to security – there are dozens of vendors trying to stand out.Realizing the value

4 – Health IT companies suck at differentiating
You would think that the competition would cause companies to really focus, clearly define their messaging and how they are different – nope. The following are examples of real taglines on HIMSS17 booths:

  • “Realizing the promise of technology”
  • “We transform healthcare”
  • “Health transformation solutions”
  • My favorite – “reshape healthcare IT”

Any idea what any of those companies really do? or how they can help your company succeed?

5 – There are a lot of really smart people working on the health IT puzzle
He have a fantastic team at Engage Mobile – we have some very deep healthcare and health IT experience. We are not alone. After attending several sessions at HIMSS it is clear that there are a lot of great minds working on improving healthcare it in the US. While the US healthcare system is currently somewhat of a mess – HIMSS gives me hope that it will get better and has the potential to become great.

Check back at www.EngageMobile.com to see our observations on the top challenges faced by Health IT executives.

Matthew, Engage Mobile

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