New Mobile Survey: Where Mobile is Driving the Most Value for Organizations

New Mobile Survey: Where Mobile is Driving the Most Value for Organizations

Where is mobile driving value - top 2A new 2014 KPMG survey of 539 global business executives sheds light on how larger organizations are leveraging mobile to drive value. The bottom line is that employees today demand the same access, experience and richness on their work computers and mobile devices as they have on their personal devices.

The days of C-suite and IT executives pushing down poorly designed solutions that do not provide value for the end-user are over – or at least are becoming less and less effective. End-users want mobile solutions (and actually all of their technology solutions) that allow them to be more effective and efficient.

“People’s expectations as employees are a lot different than they were ten years ago,” says Mark Shank, Managing Director of the Digital and Mobile practice at KPMG.

The following shows where organizations are driving value from mobile:

Where mobile is driving the most value for organizations

From Engage Mobile’s standpoint, any business mobile initiative must achieve at least one of the following three goals (and ideally more than one): increase revenue, decrease costs or mitigate risk. We are focused on making sure our clients achieve a strong ROI by focusing an providing real business value.

Contact us to learn more about how Engage Mobile can help your organization leverage technology to drive your bottom line.

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