Overview of Engage Mobile CEO’s Keynote Address to The 22nd Annual Consortium for Computing Sciences

Darrn Clawson - Engage Mobile - SpeakingOn Friday, April 1, Engage Mobile CEO Darrin Clawson provided insight into the real world of technology with attendees of the 22nd annual Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges Conference at Missouri Western State University, in St. Joseph, Missouri. The keynote address, titled “How Mobile, Wearables, IoT, and Cloud Technologies are Impacting Business Every Day,” opened day one of the consortium, which was held to help enhance the computer-science curriculums at two- and four-year colleges and universities.

After a brief introduction, Clawson told attendees that “This is not about technology, this is about business,” before going further in-depth on the following topics:



The numbers don’t lie. Statistics show a reduced demand in the PC market, increased traction for mobile websites, and huge leaps in smartphone usage (over 50 percent of users age 18-29 check their phones several times per hour, with 22 percent checking every several minutes).

Businesses are taking notice of this trend in order to increase revenue, decrease costs and mitigate risks – more than two-thirds of businesses plan to increase their budget for mobile app development and deployment within the next year.



From head (GoPro cameras and Google Glass) to toe (haptic footwear like this), wearable devices are an emerging and exciting technology. Wrist-based tech, such as the FitBit and Apple Watch are exceedingly popular with users. In addition, companies are embedding technology into clothing that provides real-time health tracking for both heart patients and world-class athletes.  

Clawson also discussed how Google has embedding sensors in contact lenses and “electronic tattoos” that will allow doctors to evaluate everything from patient’s glucose level to heart rate and body temperature in real-time.


IoT (Internet of Things)Darrin Clawson - Engage Mobile - Speaking - Standing

IoT or the “Internet of Things” is the network of physical objects – devices, vehicles, buildings and other items – embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity that enables these objects to collect and exchange data. What does that mean? It mean your “stuff” – cars, house, refrigerator, watch, locks, phone – will soon be online.For example, the Nest thermostat, which can regulate a home’s environment through data analysis of people’s habits and schedules.

Going forward, we can expect the IoT to be more deeply woven into our everyday lives. Get ready for your refrigerator to tell you when you need to order milk or for your stove to preheat when you are 10 minutes from home.


Cloud Computing & Technology

Last, and most certainly not least, cloud computing will change the way the world interacts with data and technology. This cloud, which uses “a network of remote servers to store, manage and process data,” has a lot of advantages for both users and for businesses.

Just as companies no longer have power generators to generate their own electricity, cloud computing will eliminate the need for companies to own and manage their physical storage and computing power – users can simply plug into the cloud similar to how they plug into a wall outlet for power. Companies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft and Google have invested millions developing the cloud infrastructure that provides near infinite scalability with higher security and lower costs.

Clawson concluded his presentation with advice that’s applicable for students, educators, colleges and businesses.

  • Look to the clouds. Ignoring this technology is detrimental.
  • Mobility needs to be seamless across devices (wearables, phones, tablets, laptops and desktops).
  • Data science is only going to become more useful and more important and in that breath, software architecture approaches need to stay current (or move ahead).


Are you ready to expand your business using these emerging techniques? The team at Engage Mobile are excited about helping business in all fields utilize mobile technology by focusing on strategy and results. To learn more about how we can tailor an experience for your success, click here.

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