Vs. Football, a Revolutionary Football Game for Apple and Android Mobile Devices, Launched by Engage Mobile

Vs. Football, a Revolutionary Football Game for Apple and Android Mobile Devices, Launched by Engage Mobile

Vs. FootballThe football season is underway and now there is a new way to enjoy America’s game anytime and anywhere.

Vs. Football is a turn-based mobile football game available for free on Google Play for Android devices and the Apple iTunes App Store for iPhones and iPads. The game is essentially a blend of Words With Friends and football that lets you make the call. Offense. Defense. Goal Line. Special teams. You call the plays against your friends. There are no power-ups, cards, badges, levels or virtual currency. No floating joysticks. No turning your phone sideways or rocking it back and forth to juke a defender. Just football, plain and simple.

It’s unlike anything in the marketplace today.

“I couldn’t find a turn-based game out there that you could play against your friends for football,” says the game’s co-founder Chris Austin who owns 34 Sports Inc., Manhattan Beach, Calif. “I love football and was playing a lot of ‘Words with Friends,’ and decided I’d rather play football than Scrabble.”

At its core, Vs. Football is an old school smash mouth strategy football game. “In Vs. Football, you’re acting as the coach and, based on the position on the field, you call an offense play from your playbook,” says Matthew Barksdale, co-founder of Vs. Football and president of Kansas City, Mo.-based mobile strategy, mobile development and mobile marketing company Engage Mobile, which developed the app. “Then it’s your opponent’s turn to call a defensive play from their playbook. There’s an outcome to the play, which you see via a push notification, and then you select the next play.”

Succeeding at Vs. Football means serious bragging rights – you don’t win just by dumb luck.

That’s because Vs. Football offers a revolutionary technology called the “outcome decision engine” (ODE). This technology instantly analyzes the particular offensive/defensive play combination you and your opponent have selected and determines the most likely outcomes based on complex algorithms developed by high school and college football coaches exclusively for Vs. Football.

“It’s not random,” Austin says, which makes the game that much more attractive to serious football fans. “It’s based on actual plays that have been called, and there’s a lot of strategy that goes into it.”

The Vs. Football playbook comes standard with 42 play options spread between offensive, defensive and special teams. New and special plays will be added every month that will be available via in-app purchase.

“It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s fun,” says Darrin Clawson, co-founder of Vs. Football and founder Engage Mobile. With turn-based games attracting 100 million users every month, and nearly 30 million users playing fantasy football, the timing is perfect for a new, old school football game.

Ready to play?

Download the game in the Apple iTunes store for iPhone/iPad here.

Download the game in the Google Play Store for Android here.

For more information about Vs. Football, visit PlayVsFootball.com or EngageMobile.com.

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